Friday, February 18, 2011

Top Rumers for Upcoming IPhone 5

                                                                        Its the season fever of the new iphone next gen which is still in the lab , The rumors of new iphone is peaking up  , There ia no doubt that even for this year iphone is going to make a big and new impact like it already did by years .
Most of us really like its maximum features but irritated by some unavailable basic features , 
as the update is making it as stronger and stronger  the price factor is still a worry for those who really wants their hands on it but not for Rs.30k+ . The new rumors are making it as a strong one ..

Top Rumors for upcoming iphone :
  • Cheaper iphone just for 200$ to compitate with android market ,
  • Quad core processor ,
  • Slideout QWERTY keypad  ,
  • NO home button ,
  • More memory than older versions , 
  • More customisable user interface.

what the new iphone wil called as 
  • Iphone 5 ,
  • Iphone 4g ,
  • Iphone 4gs ,
  • Iphone NANO .

 its not about what we think of iphone after all  .. we hav to wait for the realease , may we we will get a unexpected name and design ...

  1. will you buy iphone if it cost at 200$ or RS.8-10k ?
  2. what feture u want in iphone ?
share ur comments ...

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