Monday, May 19, 2014

Java, C# Coding Gets Better With Microsoft Research’s Code Hunt Online Game

  Here's a treat for coders courtesy Microsoft. The research division of the software giant has launched a new game that makes coding in Java and C# even more exciting and addictive than ever before. Code Hunt, as it is known as, is an online browser based game. It engages the users by asking them to figure out the secret solution of a piece of code. To find the solution, it presents a few test cases that are based on functional behaviour of the code.

There is a fragment of code at the beginning of every level, along with two test cases. One of the test cases presents the correct behaviour while the other case present the incorrect results. It is player's task to alter the code on the left hand side with the correct results. Multiple solutions to the puzzle make it even more exciting and one can get more points for finding the optimum code. The Code Hunt game starts off with a tutorial and further solves the questions related to arithmetic, loops, conditionals, strings, nested loops, one dimensional arrays, jagged arrays, searching, sorting, ciphers and puzzles. The game is based on Microsoft Azure and due to this, it allows the users to keep track of their progress and monitor their position in the leader board.

The code game has been developed by Microsoft Research team led by Nikolai Tillmann and Peli de Halleux. It is based on Pex, Power Tool in Microsoft Visual Studio that performs dynamic symbolic execution. The Code Hunt was launched at the Microsoft Research Asia’s Beauty of Programming event in China. Students who had tried the game initially, could solve 55.7 per cent of the puzzles. The best of the players could get the solution within eight tries. Why don't you try your hands on Code Hunt and find out where you stand! Share your experiences with us through the comments section below!

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