Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Do you prefer to Root or not to Root your phone?

What is root/rooting means?

Root/rooting means that your device obtain SuperUser rights and permission in your Android OS, to be able to gain privileges and ability to install and load custom ROM's, custom themes, increase phone performance, able to install certain apps require to gain root access. It is the same meaning in iPhone terms of Jailbreaking.

Why it is call rooting?

Root term come from Unix/Linux OS which best to descibe a user has the Superuser rights and permission to all the settings and files to be modify in the OS. 

Advantages of root

  • Install custom ROMS
  • Install custom themes
  • Change script settings, kernel etc
  • Increase performance
  • Updating baseband
  • Unlock additional features
  • Install app to SD
  • Run unauthorized apps

Disadvantages of Root

  • Brick of device
  • Security issue of malicious apps
  • Void of warranty (eg, Samsung device)
  • Updates of ROM (eg, will not be able to update to the latest ROM version)

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