Monday, December 1, 2014

YOU Broadband starts offering 100Mbps at Rs. 1699 for 200GB in Bengaluru

You Broadband is one of the leading ISPs in Bengaluru and they have come up with a recent plan that will delight heavy Internet users. The ‘WTF 100’ plan offers a whopping speed of 100Mbps and a free data usage quota of 200GB per month. After the free data quota is over the speed would be throttled to a respectable 1Mbps.

This plan costs Rs.1699 per month if you opt for monthly basis and Rs.5099 if you choose to pay the rental for 3 months upfront which means you will be getting an extra 50GB of usage.
Additionally YOU Broadband charges a plan installation charge of Rs. 606 for the one month plan and Rs.303 for the 3,6 and 12 month plan. They will also burden the initial charge further with a refundable Modem deposit fee of Rs.1000.

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