Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hacking A Gmail Account!

Step By Step procedure explained
Try at your own risk!     
             While we don't necessarily endorse hacking, it's important that you know everything that goes along the hacking world to stay a step ahead of miscreants who clearly outnumber you in numbers as well as technology. Hacking a Gmail account is not something new these days, it's readily achievable. Here's how you can do it!

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1.Using Chrome

Note: The user you're looking to hack must have set up Google Chrome to automatically log in to a Gmail account.

Step 1 Open Google Chrome

Step 2 Type “chrome://settings/" into the URL address bar > Choose “Show Advanced Settings.”

Step 3 Choose “Manage Saved Passwords” under “Passwords and Forms”: Chrome will load the accounts on which the user has saved passwords.

Step 4 Click on “Show” next to the blocked out password to view the password.

2.Using Phishing

Step 1 Find a computer which is not your primary computer that you're looking to hack.

Step 2 Download the Gmail Phishing program.

Step 3 Sign up for a free web hosting program, using a fake email account.

Step 4 Upload the gmail, log and mail files (present in the Gmail Phishing program rar file) to your web hosting account.

Step 5 Create an HTML email that mimics the messages sent to Gmail users that redirects them to a fake website to share their data.

Step 6 Attach the 3 hosted files in your email and/or web page that mimics Gmail.

Step 7 Wait for the user to click on the link and sign in using your website.

Step 8 Open the log.txt file. It should include the username and password for the email account.

3.Using Password Reminder Script

Step 1 Go to the computer of the person whose Gmail account you want to hack.

Step 2 Go to the Gmail login page.

Step 3 Type the following script into the address bar:


Step 4 Press Enter.

4.Using Keylogging

Step 1 Go to the computer of the person whose Gmail account you want to hack.

Step 2 Download a keylogging software program.

Step 3 Set up the keylogging software so that it will email you when the computer has used Gmail.

Step 4 Access the resulting stored logs once you receive the email.

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